Imagine finally achieving the profits you work so hard to earn from your restaurant and feeling like the investment you make each day is paying off.

Ramsay on the Run (ROTR) is a dedicated team of restaurant training specialists and skilled hospitality professionals from front of house right through to the kitchen. Our restaurant consulting team is trained in helping you, the business owner/manager implement systems and new ideas.

This provides two clear benefits:

1. You’ll develop advantages over your competitors
2. You’ll have business which is easier to manage

Quick diagnosis of problems in your business is imperative but it is how the solutions are put in place that makes all the difference. It is important to us that we leave you with the right tools, so we at ROTR offer a simple approach to problem solving which will help you move your business forward quicker and gain the results you deserve.
We also operate an event company Ramsay’s without the F, we are not the normal catering company, recipes are inspired by conversations with our producers and our fieldwork, which includes interviews with clients with interesting memories of foods and childhood.

We pride ourselves on cultivating long term relationships with our farmers, hunters, fishermen and foragers, giving us access to rare ingredients we fell honoured to work with. All of our purveyors keep sustainability high on the agenda, and we in turn constantly keep this complex topic at the fore or our development strategy.

We put the ingredients at the centre of our cuisine, aiming to show them in their most natural and delicious form. We keep messing around to a minimum, preserving fresh, delicious and traditional flavour.
You will also find interesting reviews of restaurant throughout the world on our many local and overseas trips.

Rod Ramsay; has been living his dream of fine cuisine and travel. His chef background establishes him as one of the foremost chefs in New Zealand and Australia, having managed and run award winning restaurants, hotel kitchens and event venues. Rod, along with wife Belinda, managed world renowned Sign of the Takahe, one of Christchurch’s most popular boutique event venues, in the Port Hills of Christchurch. This restaurant won the Beef and Lamb award 5 years running. Also Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses, Sheraton Perth. A business owner of hospitality venues, and an entrepreneur.

A highlight of Rod’s career was to be invited to act as private chef to Prince Philip during an Australasian visit, Rod travelled with the Prince and prepared fine cuisine for his small entourage.

Belinda Ramsay; has extensive knowledge in customer service in the art of making the customer feel that they are the only person that is on the planet. Belinda has travelled the world, and she is very knowledgeable in travel and food. Belinda is the stylist from a passion that she has nurtured for many years. Belinda is always looking for new inspiration in magazines, cookery books, shops and anything  else that catches her attention. Belinda’s forte is in Event management, where she has brought together events up to 1500 clients.