I have been telling everyone that I know that I am writing a cookbook, tell you something it is easy to say, and hard to put it on paper, but I am getting there. It will be ready for print next year. Here is little snippet…… Remember all proceeds will be going to Alzheimer’s cure.
Dinner service… the dining room is dimly lit, warm and inviting, guests are arriving, ready to celebrate by sharing a meal of fine cuisine and great wines, they are encouraged to take their time, relax and enjoy the moment. Upon serving his guests, the waiter leaves the table as unobtrusively as he arrived and glides back into the kitchen. He pushes through the large fire rated doors into another world.
Have you ever wondered what it is like in this white tiled, stainless steel clad room? This is the battlefield, the lights are bright, the noise incessant, the communication is succinct, brash and often just plain abusive, TAKE AWAY… table 12 beef cover one, lamb cover two.. NOW! … come on are you deaf.. move… what are you doing? I said I wanted two quail, one salmon, you idiot not two salmon, one quail! Listen to the orders more carefully! Here the serenity of the restaurant in unknown.

With temperatures rising in the high 40 the kitchen brigade of culinary professional fight like any well drilled military unit. The lethal armour of salamanders, deep fryers, scorching hot stoves and boiling pans is their territory. The cooks on each section are expert in attacking the area in which they work and they do so automatically, firing dishes continuously until the orders begin to retreat or their ammunition… mine en place … is exhausted.




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