We have been waiting for The Deck to open for a fair while, Airlie Beach has been in dire need for something that is away from the norm, and has it provided us with my expectations?
I had spoken to the Greg “the owner” the other day and asked about the Deck, when does it arrive, as when you look at the building there is no deck, but Greg says that the resource consent has been lodged, and awaiting the council to approve, if you know about the red tape, this will be taking ages to be approved.

In the meantime I suggest that the staff and Greg tell their guests to make a special hashtag “Deck-less” in the meantime, this could be another way to get people talking about this new eatery in Airlie Beach.
In the past few days we have been to The Deck, twice and last night would of been our third visit. The previous two times were for coffee, and a nice cold beer. We were looking forward to it. We had a pre dinner drink, my other half a Mojito, and myself JD & coke, JTR a fruit cocktail, while we poured over the menu. We looked for a menu for JTR, but were told that there was no “kids menu”, JTR doesn’t like being left out, he likes to look at a menu, and order it for himself, maybe it might be coming in the future. Hope so!
The Deck is a more informal, brasserie style eatery, with an understated, casual feel about it – the decor is well thought out with tiled floor and an open glass doors along the length of the building, and unobtrusive lighting. I enjoyed the informality of the dining room. If I could make one suggestion it would be that my other half and myself would of preferred that the table been turned so that we could see inside the restaurant, instead of looking over the car park. The Deck is housed underneath a 5 star hotel, called Heart to Heart.
We decided on our choices, my other half choose the prawns for her entree, and myself the pork belly, for her mains the house made linguini, and myself the Duck breast. JTR decided on the chorizo pizza. I ordered a glass chardonnay to go with my entree and a Pinot Noir with my main, my other half, sat on her Mojito. JTR’s pizza did not take too long to come out, quite fast really, his comment was, a bit burnt on the bottom.
Our entrees did take a fair while to come out, this I was not expecting, as the restaurant was not overly busy, when they did come out, I had to wait for two minutes before my glass of chardonnay came out, should of been presented before the entree was brought out. My other half’s prawn dish came, with black rice sea greens and two prawns, the black rice was too stodgy in her opinion, the prawns were cooked to perfection, but overall the flavours just didn’t marry well.

My entree was the crispy pork with pear and gorgonzola cheese, I expected that the pork would be nice and moist, but it was dry, and overcooked, there were two sauces with this dish, not mentioned in the menu, I had to ask what they were, to our server, one was the pork jus, the other no one told me. This would be a good idea, the server’s all come with a tablet, this is how they send the order to the kitchen and bar, maybe have the explanations written on the tablet, instead of the server going to and throw to the kitchen.
Our mains arrived, once again I must note, this time I had to ask for my Pinot Noir, to be delivered. My other half’s pasta arrived, very over powering with Lemon Myrtle, this is a strong herb, once again not mentioned in the menu, in my opinion it should be written somewhere for the guest, to understand what they are getting. Apart from that a very nicely presented dish, as well as that the flavour was there, but by the end of it too much Lemon Myrtle. img_1007Mine arrived and right away I could see that the duck was overcooked, which was a shame!


JTR and myself decided to have a dessert each, JTR had the Chocolate brownie, and myself the cheesecake, these were the only two desserts on offer, what a waste of time. Whoever designed this menu, quite obviously forgot about dessert and these were an after thought! You decide if I am being too picky.

The Deck needs to get their act together with their cuisine! On our second visit to The Deck I mentioned about an employee of theirs and said she needs to smile and to remember that she is there for her guests, I paid for the account, and said have a great day, not a reply at all. On this occasion, we had the same person, this time very good, and attentive. Apart from the wines, this I believe is a teething problem, It will get sorted, by Gina the Manager, I am sure.

I have worked with Gina in the past, and I believe that with her Management style, she will do wonders for The Deck, the food, needs some serious work done to it.

Will we be back, of course we will, and I look forward to be writing the next review, as I am sure these issues will be rectified, this place has the potential to be an excellent venue.
Beer and coffee we will definitely be back, when The Deck, does get the deck, it will be a lovely spot to sit at.
277 Shute Harbour Road
Airlie Beach
+61 42111 9701

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