Mr Bones an Institution in Airlie Beach


The history of Pizza started out as a Mediterranean peasant’s version of pie: flat, and without filling. The plebs ate statitai or pizza bianca as it is known today, a plain pizza with goat’s cheese on top, perhaps a smidgen of honey. In Roman times, there were no tomatoes in Europe. The tomato only arrived in the 1600s with the discovery of the New World; pizza would never be the same. As it turned out, America and capitalism (which turned peasants into consumers) created what we understand by pizza, an army of edible flying saucers, colonising every corner of the planet.

Pizza at Mr Bones, is considered to be the best in the area, for this I would agree, the base is light and fluffy, but I have to say you do need to make sure that Mark is on board for your night. You most certainly know when he is not in the house. Most pizza’s throughout AB are over crowded with far too many ingredients, take note cooks in AB. Mark carefully blends the flours together for the base, lets it prove, and when proved enough, then rolls it as when is required. One of our favourites, is the chicken with creamed corn as the base.

img_0937Tapas, you should try the Beef cheeks, spicy but refreshing, hauntingly good, they are rich, with the salad served with it cuts the richness of the meat. Normally the Prawns sanganki are my other half’s favourite, but this night they missed the mark, which was a shame. JTR, (Jack) normally has chicken and chips, but on this night decided to have the beef cheeks as well, minus the salad. I have to say when he does have the chicken it is with fresh chicken not the processed stuff that you normally get elsewhere.


JTR, used to order his iced chocolate a special way, cold hot chocolate with ice cream and no ice, called an icy wicy! We haven’t been there a little while and JTR still got his tomato sauce with a smiley face which has stayed with JTR and the Mr Bones crew.


The thing that impresses me the most is, when Mark is on the pass, he is the organiser, telling his employees that table 6 needs topping up with water Table 4 needs clearing always taking note its the little things that count.

dsc_1151Mr Bones, founded by Mark & Kim, is today the envy of many restauranteurs within Airlie Beach. Open five days a week from Tuesday to Saturday from 9AM to 9PM, I have never seen it open and empty, Mr Bones will be near full, while neighbouring establishments have staff standing around glumly with folded arms.

We have been going to Mr Bones since 2011, in that time the menu has changed a few times, but haven’t dined there for about about 6 months, due to service and food issues, but as I said just make sure that Mark in in the house for your visit and I am sure you will have no problems. I do ask that you bring back the Pork Belly Mark, done the old way.

Mr Bones
263 Shute Harbour Road

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